Intrinsically motivated learning of real-world sensorimotor skills with developmental constraints

The unlearnability, high-dimensionality, and unboundedness of the real world necessitates the integration of intrinsic motivation with other developmental constraints, such as sensorimotor primitives, task space representations, maturational mechanisms, and social guidance.

IntPhys 2019: A Benchmark for Visual Intuitive Physics Understanding

IntPhys provides a well-designed benchmark for evaluting a system's understanding of a few core concepts about the physics of objects.

Occlusion resistant learning of intuitive physics from videos

Combines a compositional rendering network with a recurrent interaction network to learn dynamics in scenes with significant occlusion, but relies on ground-truth object positions and segmentations.

How Evolution May Work Through Curiosity-Driven Developmental Process

Provides an overview of a curiosity-driven paradigm and relates the results back to the evolutionary process.